THREAT ASSESSMENT. The entire issue of protection stems from threats against persons or property. These threats can include one’s family home, money, businesses, employees, and and personal belongings The threats them selves are virtually all founded in either anger, lust (including bloodlust), or avarice, and occasionally all the above.

In the protection of persons, the threat assessment must be bipolar. A client can be vulnerable to penetration both directly and indirectly, which is why when ArchAngel agrees to accept a client, a detailed evaluation is conducted around the life-patterns of both the Client, and each family member. For instance, having a primary principle surrounded with an army of heavily armed guards while allowing his children to walk to school unprotected, makes no sense.

Clearly a logical threat assessment will always adopt the weakest link perspective, and in so doing, ArchAngel is fully aware of the ubiquitous conflict between the need for security and a person’s sense of convenience and comfort. It is totally understandable that a person wants to be able to read the morning paper without having to share the room with an army of bodyguards trying to blend into the kitchen decor. Neither is the executive who hires a security team to protect his child looking for surrogate father, which is why ArchAngel has pioneered a unique, custom-tailored approach to optimizing its talent pool toward the Client’s specific accommodation.

It’s certainly no secret that in the wake of 9/11, the violence in Tijuana and the publicized home invasions that have recounted hours of torture, trauma and even death, which many families have developed a certain healthy paranoia about what evil lurks around the corner. However affluent families who are most likely to need the skills of a protection team are largely unwilling to take on the financial burden or come to terms with the fact that the more successful they become, the more likely they or their loved ones will become a target for someone.

The Agents at ArchAngel have heard this statement all too many times, “There are plenty of other people a lot wealthier (/influential/ beautiful/ important… you fill in the blank) than me! Who’d want to come after ME?” The answer is simple: Anyone under a delusional mindset that feels that they are more deserving than you and they are entitled to what you have. (Money, happiness, love, power, etc.)

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