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Justin, Encinitas, CA

Justin, Encinitas, CA

Business Owner

I wanted to offer my personal recommendation for anyone thinking of taking a course from AAWTU. I have taken 3 courses from AAWTU so far (Pistol 1, Carbine 1- twice) and am currently signed up for a 4th class, Pistol 2. From my own experience, you learn a number of valuable lessons. Starting in a outdoor class room setting with personal instruction in a Q and A type setting that covers all sorts of subjects from safety, proper handling to mindset; followed by huge amounts of range time, running your firearms like they were meant to run, and then some. I can guarantee from personal experience you will come away from any class a better shooter, a more confident shooter, more in tune with your surroundings and more comfortable with your operating platform. The combined experience of the instructors is impressive, as is their ability to run a class safely and with intensity. These classes offer a welcome challenge to anyone interested in becoming a better shooter. Bravo AAWTU.

Steve S., San Diego, CA

Steve S., San Diego, CA

Firearms Enthusiast

I’ve attended both pistol and carbine courses offered by Archangel’s Weapons Training Unit and plan to attend several more in the coming year. Prior to these courses, I had a modest familiarity with various weapons and shooting from occasional trips to the range. My interest in these courses was focused on obtaining practical information and experience from professionals who handle weapons on a daily basis and developing weapons handling skills in more dynamic scenarios. I also had numerous questions about practical techniques and gear.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend these courses to anyone interested in honest, accurate and practical training. These are not courses focused on buzzwords or cool toys. The instructors are guys with a lot of practical military and law enforcement experience who share what works and what doesn’t in tactical and combat situations. They take the time to explain proper techniques, develop proper skills and correct bad habits. While they are more than happy to recommend functional gear (NOT the most expensive or coolest stuff), they really avoid trying to sell anything. The courses involve a LOT of shooting in various positions and scenarios. Our classes included beginners and experienced shooters and everyone learned a lot. And, anyone who thinks spending a day blowing through 1000 rounds of ammo isn’t a total blast needs their head examined.

My comfort and shooting skills have improved tremendously from these courses. I highly recommend these courses to anyone interested in developing or improving their shooting and/or tactical skills.

BH, Poway CA

BH, Poway CA


AA has been a terrific resource for me. Taking their courses has really helped me develop my skills and certainly has given me more confidence to be able to proficiently and effectively utilize the weapons I train with.

The instructors are highly skilled and their teaching style really makes sure that you get the information and know how to use it. I look forward to every time I have the opportunity to attend a class.

I would encourage anyone who wants to actually understand and be able to utilize firearms to take their courses.

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